Recommended Tuesday Show: Vivian Girls at Market Hotel


I try not classify bands as “all-girl.”  Just because you’re a woman and happen to be making music with other women doesn’t mean you should get described that way.  But I do seem to be on a roll today…tomorrow’s recommended show of the day is the Vivian Girls at Market Hotel at 8PM.  If you’ve seen them live before you can probably skip this one, but if not, I’d say it’s as good a time as any to check them out.  Their relaxed, lo-fi vocals give their self-titled album a surf-rock feel.  Some tracks on the album are a bit more rocky than that, and sometimes people who write about them tend to ignore those tracks.

We have somewhat of a running debate about this band at work.  Some of my co-workers feel that Vivian Girls are kind of bad because they aren’t very good musicians.  I’m more in the camp that thinks they sound delightfully off-kilter because of that.  This might not be the best show ever, but I think they’re a band getting a lot of good press who are worth checking out.  They’re playing with Fucked Up and Pissed Jeans.  There are a few tracks below for you to check out.

MP3: Where Do You Run To – Vivian Girls

MP3: No – Vivian Girls


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  1. African band says:

    this is nice: band of all-girl horses?!