Hot New Artist: Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele



I first heard of/saw Dent May back in October during CMJ.  It was during the Paw Tracks (Animal Collective’s label) showcase at Le Poisson Rouge.  By the time Dent May came on I had listened to about four band’s worth of experimental, nosiy static, and was starting to lose steam quickly.  All of a sudden, I heard a rambling band of string instruments, an infectious melody, and what’s that?  Yes, by God, yes, a ukulele!!  Dent May was an extremely welcome relief in the midst of all that nonsensical noise.

His debut album, “The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele” coming out on February 3rd, is a gem full of both sincere ukulele ditties and ever-so-slightly tongue in cheek tracks.  The music works perfectly on the album.  In some senses, it’s incredibly cheesy: Dent May’s deep, smooth voice and early Beatles-esque chord progressions remind me of the band that plays in the background scenes during high school dances in 1950s movies.  In a good way.  He sings so sincerely, too.  At the same time, he takes himself just not-seriously enough.  For instance, when he croons on “I’m An Alcoholic,” “I’m over being sober.  I’m an alcoholic.  I think I’ll get drunk tonight,” you know that you’re supposed to have fun with this album.

A lot of blogs have put up the tracks “You Can’t Force A Dance Party” and “Meet Me In The Garden.”  Here’s two new ones for you to check out.  And make sure to check out the whole album on February 3rd!

MP3: I’m An Alcoholic – Dent May

MP3: Oh Paris! – Dent May


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