Recommended Friday Show: BROOKLYN VS. BALTIMORE!!!!!!!!


These days, everyone is saying that Baltimore is the new old Williamsburg: broken down, not-yet-gentrified, and chock-full of bands and artists.  Dan Deacon decided to put that to the test and rounded up his merry band of Baltimorians (is that right?) to have an all-out indie rock smackdown with Brooklyn.  For Baltimore, the line-up is Dan Deacon, Thank You, and Future Islands.  As of now, Brooklyn is These Are Powers and the always entertaining USAISAMONSTER, plus two special guests.  Rumors are going around that the special guests are YEASAYER! Woods and Blank Dogs.  Holy cannoli GO TO THIS SHOW!  GO TO THIS SHOW!  It should just be a straight up fun night out.  I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing.  It starts at 8PM at Danbro Brewery Warehouse.

Who do you think will win?  Brooklyn or Baltimore?

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