Recommended Friday Show: WAVVES, Woods, Blank Dogs, Nodzzz, and Gary War at Market Hotel


This is one of those “but all the cool kids are going to be there” kind of shows.  WAVVES is the type of band that would probably get made fun of on Hipster Runoff, but despite the (over) hype, he’s pretty darn good.  WAVVES is from California and plays incredibly lo-fi, buzzy surf rock that lolls along in the catchiest of ways.  Since WAVVES is from the West Coast, all of the hipsters will probably put on their finest to come check out this blog boy wonder tomorrow night.


There’s several other great bands playing at the Market Hotel, as well.  Woods is another lo-fi band, more on the folksy end of the spectrum.  Their music reminds me a bit of 60s garage rock mashed together with 60s folk.  I definitely dig this band.

The rest of the bands are also lo-fi gems. After just a few listen to their myspace, I’ve already fallen in love with Nodzzz. They remind me of a few 70s punk bands that I really like, and I feel like I’m discovering an old gem.  These tunes are very catchy and will undoubtedly be danceable.

Gary War is a psychedlic, New Weird America-ish outfit, and Blank Dogs play more synth-based rock than the rest of these bands, but also have the lo-fi vocals very much in the style of the day.

This line-up is at the Market Hotel tomorrow, and again on Saturday at Less Artists More Condos.

MP3: Wavves – Wavves

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