Recommended Thursday Show: Ducktails at Silent Barn!!!!


I’ve had this show on my calendar for weeks and weeks.  Ducktails is the project of a lone New Jerseyite, almost exactly my age.  Maybe that’s why I identify with his tropically breezy noise tunes, but I just love this kid.  I’ve never been to Silent Barn before, and I am so pumped to finally catch a show there. It’s somebody’s house in Queens.  They live there, and they throw shows.  Sounds like the best idea ever in the world, right?  It’s one of the closest things New York has to a real honest-to-goodness scene, so try to get out there while it’s still happening.

There are a whole mess of other bands playing, as well.  Some of them were a bit difficult to dig up info on, but all of them are some type of noise project.  Russian Tsarlag is one of them, and one of the only things I could find was this interesting video.  I couldn’t find a Myspace page for Noise Nomads, but Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth) named them as one of his top 10 favorite things in 2008.  Also playing are Time Life, PAK, and the mysterious George Myers.

Download free Ducktails mp3s here and come to this show!

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