Recommended Friday Show: Boogie Boarder and Real Estate at The Jackson

n4100038_30251304_2600The Jackson is a brand-new Todd P venue alllll the way out in Long Island City, but these two bands make it worth the trip.  Boogie Boarder plays spastic, schizophrenic noise rock (I also freaking love the artwork that goes along with all of their music).  Their live energy is incredible and they put on an intense show (check out the blood on the drum in the photo).  Real Estate is another project of one of my faves, Ducktails.  They also play dreamy noise rock.  If you don’t want to make the trek to Long Island City, both of these bands are playing on Saturday at Dead Herring.  I’m planning to attend the Saturday show.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

MP3: “Bummers Begin” – Boogie Boarder

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