Recommended Saturday Show(s): Your Weekend Wavves Strategy

wavvesThis weekend is all about Wavves.  He’s pretty much the buzziest thing out there right now (along with POBPAH).  The backlash has already hit after the Pitchfork Best New Music, but I love his album.  The first track alone is such a dark, angled introduction to what I see as a an album that captures something essential about current affairs.  Love him or hate him, you’ll probably want to catch him at least once this weekend, as he makes a post-SXSW pit-stop in NYC.  He’s playing tomorrow at Market Hotel in Brooklyn with These Are Powers and Vampire Hands.  On Sunday, he’s playing at Cake Shop with just Vampire Hands.  And on Monday, he’s playing Mercury Lounge with DD/MM/YYYY, Vampire Hands, and NYRM faves, Real Estate.  Unfortunately, I have to work on both Sunday and Monday nights, so I will be checking him out tomorrow night.  However, Cake Shop is by far the best venue that he’ll be playing.  On the other hand, the Mercury Lounge show also has Real Estate, so that’s a huge added bonus.  Take your pick, but definitely pick one.

MP3: “So Bored” – Wavves

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