Photos: Wild Yaks, Drink Up Buttercup, and Shilpa Ray at Pianos

P5134455Last night’s show at Pianos was a lot of fun.  Three very quality bands, and an enthusiastic, large crowd.  I enjoyed Wild Yaks quite a bit.  Frontman Zack Davis Rob Bryn (is that right?) is definitely an entertainer.  His physical appearance is sloppy and endearing- the crooked glasses, the suspenders- and so is his stage manner.  When he wails on guitar, he wails.  When he tells a story on stage, he genuinely tells that story.  The set was erratic and all over the place, just like Davis Bryn, but it came off well.  And, when the band was rocking out together, it sounded great.  I’m definitely interested to hear more from Wild Yaks in the future.

Drink Up Buttercup was spectacular.  I don’t really have too much to say about them, other than that I don’t think there’s another band out there right now doing anything nearly as original as they are.  Their on-stage energy is truly outstanding, and their garbage can crunching is anything but a gimmick.  If this foursome isn’t absolutely off-the-charts at the top of the indie world by this time next year, there’s something seriously wrong with all of us.

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, surprise surprise, put on yet another show jam-packed with energy.  Every time I’ve seen her she’s been consistently excellent, though this time she was definitely drunker than in the past.  She had some particularly good rants between songs last night, one of which consisted mostly of, “Fuck you bloggers with your cameras!  You’re on my time now!”  And also, “I don’t want love.  I want money.  I’m twenty-nine years old and I sleep in a twin bed.  I want fucking money.”  Amen to both of those statements.  Her band did a great job of sensing her mood and jumping right into the songs just before her rants got a bit too long.  After the show I commented to my friend that I don’t know if I’d spend a lot of time listening to Shilpa Ray’s recordings, but I’ll definitely keep going to see them live over, and over again.  

Sorry if the pictures of her aren’t too great.  I always find it more fun to watch her play than to take photographs.  If you want to see some, I’m sure you can always go over to BrooklynVegan.  They can’t seem to get enough of Shilpa.  Also, my dear friend Meredith is allowing me to post some of her drawings that she did of each band.  Totally cool, right?  We might make this a recurring feature, if Meredith is down.  You can see more of her stuff at the Auratic Outmoded link to your right.

Wild Yaks:






yaks sketchbook

Drink Up Buttercup:









drink up keys

drink up trio

drink up brush reverse

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers:








shilpa ray

MP3: “River May Come” – Wild Yaks

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  1. Kiko says:

    I love those drawings!!

  2. informant says:

    that wild yak is rob bryn, not zach davis.

  3. New York Rock Market says:

    thank you!