Recommended Friday Show: Those Darlins and So So Glos at Southpaw


Oh my goodness, go to this show.  First of all, the So So Glos are awesome live (at least they were at that totally epic Market Hotel show awhile back).  But more importantly, Those Darlins’ are in town from Murfreesboro, TN.  These chicks and dude are the most badass, short-short wearing, drinkingist, making out with members of Deer Tick on stagist, down and dirty Southern rockingist band I’ve seen in a long while.  They’re amazingly attractive, talented, and have that thing about them where you just know they’re there to have a good time and nothing will stop them from having it, both onstage and off.  It’s hard to describe their appeal unless you see them.  Trust me on this one- they’re great.

MP3: “Red Light Love” – Those Darlins

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3 Responses to Recommended Friday Show: Those Darlins and So So Glos at Southpaw

  1. I went to see Titus Andronicus at the Whitney that night. It was a great show, even if security shut it down a couple songs early. The funny thing was that it was the EXACT same people that almost destroyed Olde Club the night of the Titus/Los Camps show. Really made me feel for the security guards.

  2. New York Rock Market says:

    Ridiculous! I wonder where they’re from, especially if they made it to NYC and PA shows. There wasn’t anyone particularly destructive when I saw them at Bowery. Maybe they only come to terrorize people at legit, cool, out-of-the-way venues.

  3. I think it’s their friends from Glen Rock.