Photos: JEFF the Brotherhood at Dead Herring and Kurt Vile at Bruar Falls


I’d like to subtitle this post, “The Tale of Two Bro Bands.”  Last night I bounced from JEFF The Brotherhood‘s last-minute show at Dead Herring and Kurt Vile’s show at Bruar Falls.  JTB (can I abbreviate it to that?), hailing from Nashville Tennessee, played a very solid set of drums and guitar rock.  I particularly enjoyed the song on their split with one of my fave NJ bands, Screaming Females.  It was sort of an ironic moment when they stopped to introduce the song, mentioning that Screaming Females were playing at Terminal 5 with Jack White’s new band.  How one band can be playing that type of show while their friends are playing at Dead Herring is definitely a ridiculous facet of the music industry, but I’ll take the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of Dead Herring any day.  JTB are efficient at what they do, tightly playing their guitar riffs and drum fills to the height of back-yard-rock excellence.  I think the best way to describe them would be that they are a total bro band.  In a good way.

I made my way on over to Kurt Vile at Bruar Falls, the somewhat disappointing new venue from the people behind Cake Shop, and found myself once again in a room full of dudes there to see a totally rocking band.  Vile and the Violators were a bit more meandering and slightly less rocking than I had anticipated, but they’re clearly pros at what they do.  I thought I’d be seeing a snotty, high-energy show, but it was definitely more of a cross your arms and nod your head kind of affair.  I was also surprised that Vile wasn’t so much a punk rock brat (not sure how I got this idea in the first place – his name?), but was actually just sort of a guitar nerd.  This band had so much technology with them, each with enough pedals to sustain seven other bands alone.  I wanted them to just sort of get over it and play, but their guitar tones were pretty masterful, so I suppose it was worth it in the end.  I’d actually like to see the Philadelphians again, maybe next time in a venue with a little more space (they could hardly move around the tiny stage- it was covered with their pedals).






Kurt Vile:








MP3: “Heavy Damage” – JEFF the Brotherhood

MP3: “Overnite Religion” – Kurt Vile

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