Recommended Saturday Show: That Ghost, Lovvers, The Sundelles, and So So Glos at Death By Audio


I’ve very recently blogged both about Lovvers and So So Glos.  I’m enthusiastic about both bands, and you should definitely  make it out to this show to catch Lovvers before they go back to the UK.  I’ve also heard The Sundelles are pretty good (will confirm or deny this after tomorrow).  But the real reason to make out to Death By Audio tonight (instead of to NJ for APW)  is That Ghost.  I blogged about him several months back, and I’m still as much in love with his recent album out on twosyllable records as ever.  He reminds me of all the good parts of young Conor Oberst- full of wonderful, feeling lyrics and heartfelt melodies- but updated to fit the times.  I caught one of his sets at SXSW and thought it was quietly beautiful.  Seriously, come to Death By Audio tomorrow.  I’ll see you there. (Photo by me, for BTR)

MP3: “When There’s No One Else To Sing To You Sing To Yourself” – That Ghost

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