Recommended Friday Show: After the Jump Fest at Littlefield


Wow, over a week off from blogging.  I never meant for that to happen, but moving really takes over your life.  I won’t be such a slacker again, scout’s honor.  Luckily, there’s tons of good music happening in Brooklyn this weekend.  First of all, After the Jump Fest is happening.  If you don’t want to go see one of two These United States shows at Union Hall tomorrow night, ATJ Fest is by far your best bet.  NYRM favorites Dinosuar Feathers, My Teenage Stride, and Holiday Shores are all playing sets.  Saturday and Sunday will also be excellent, with bands like The Drums, Wild Yaks, Drink Up Buttercup, Hospitality, Das Racist, and Acrylics.  An exciting collection of bands.  Check out one or all three days.  More info on the fest here.

MP3: “Mr. Pie Eyes” – Drink Up Buttercup

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