Recommended Friday Show: Thee Oh Sees, Golden Triangle, The Fresh & Onlys at The Bell House


Look at that photo.  Doesn’t everyone look like they’re having so much fun?  It’s Friday!  I know you want to have fun, too.  There are 26 indie rock shows going on in New York this Friday.  26!!!! (Though I suppose that is technically counting Bruce Springsteen, so maybe make that 25.)  I’m recommending this show in particular because I believe all three of these bands are up-and-comers.  They’re also three bands that make a lot of sense together.  This isn’t quite an apt description, but if I had to sum up why all of these bands are pleasantly similar, I’d say it was because they’re all doing some sort of lo-fi take on Buddy Holly.  That probably makes most sense for the upbeat and sometimes poppy Fresh & Onlys (from San Francisco), but it also rings true for the edgier Thee Oh Sees (also from San Francisco) and Golden Triangle (Brooklyn).  All three bands are clearly influenced by 60s garage rock, and all have snappy drum rhythms and terse, jerky guitar parts.  Give the track below a listen, and I think you’ll see what I’m talking about.  The show tomorrow night should be lots of good, clean, rock and roll fun.  Definitely worth a trip to the amazing Bell House.

MP3: “Peacock and Wing” – The Fresh & Onlys

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