Recommended Thursday Show: Titus Andronicus, So So Glos, Groom at Knitting Factory Brooklyn


I’ve extolled the virtues of these bands so many times now that I’m almost sick of blogging about them.  Except I’m not.  Because I love these bands.  The So So Glos/Titus pairing was probably one of the best tours this year, and this will be your last of many chances to see it.  Plus, I bet you haven’t been to the new Knitting Factory yet either (I haven’t, and I’m anxious to check it out).  The addition of Grooms only adds to the appeal of this extremely rocking show.  I should warn that it is all ages, so expect lots of sweaty, moshing teenage boys, though I think that sort of energy only adds to the charm of these bands.  If you haven’t caught this band combination yet, go to this show!

MP3: “Titus Andronicus” – Titus Andronicus

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