CMJ: Tuesday Night's Recommended Show


This isn’t the kind of little CMJ show where you go and discover a bunch of great little gems that you’ve never heard of before.  This is one of those CMJ shows where you all you can think is, “Wow, a bill this weirdly awesome would never happen otherwise.”  Here We Go Magic, Titus Andronicus, Woods, and Beach Fossils are all playing at Webster Hall.  It’s ten dollars, unless you have an iphone with a (free) app on it.  In that case, oddly enough, it’s free.  Sure, all these bands are from New York, and sure, you probably already know them.  But you know them and love them.  Because they are all interesting bands, and very different from one another.  This show is worth it just to see what the atmosphere will be like alone.

Here We Go Magic is Luke Temple’s newest laid-back, layered project.  I write about Titus all the time, and just reviewed them for BTR (which was used on BrooklynVegan).  An always-energetic super punk outfit.  Woods are a little more than lo-fi, with beautiful, shining songs that sound like they’re straight from a folky 1969.  I’ve never written about Beach Fossils before, but they’re a another nice little lo-fi band from Brooklyn.  You can hear them below.

MP3: “Vacation” – Beach Fossils

MP3: “i just want to see you underwater” – Here We Go Magic

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  1. Matt says:

    The show is now free for anyone who RSVPs at before 10PM