CMJ: Wednesday's Recommended Day Party


I am TIRED so this is going to be brief (woohoo 2:27am on a Wednesday!).  If you are funemployed, you should spend your day tomorrow at Pianos.  Not only can you take advantage of their amazing happy hour dinner and drink specials, but you can watch These United States, Real Estate, Grooms, and Surfer Blood without moving a muscle.  I love TUS’s live show, I love Real Estate in general, and today I saw Surfer Blood and think that they’re definitely worth checking out (Fans of Weezer, especially.  Is that weird?).  Also, I saw Grooms today, and they 100% won me over.  Go see them.  I can’t wait to hear their new album.  If you go to Pianos, make sure to say hi!  Remember, the show is free to everyone!

MP3: “Six Fast Bullets (Five Complaints)” – These United States

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