Great New Band: Smith Westerns

smithwesterns28(photo by Rev Avissar for Pitchfork)

I was well-aware of the Smith Westerns before CMJ and had posted at least one mp3 for you guys before.  Pretty much everyone has blogged about them by now.  I enjoyed their performance at Pianos at CMJ so much that I’ve spent all day revisiting their self-titled album.  It’s official.  I love this Chicago band.  The sound is really lo-fi, but the songs are full of pop hooks about wanting to hold hands and kiss girls (though you can tell from the scuzzy sound that there’s quite a lot more insinuated).  It’s all so pleasurably, teenagerly innocent.  The best part is, everyone in the band is an actual teenager.  AND Matt Mondanile of Ducktails and Real Estate Tweeted that they got kicked out of Music Hall of Williamsburg for peeing in garbage cans.  They just seem like they’re genuine, and I love that.  You should buy their album on vinyl, but I’m posting three songs below (one of which I’ve posted before) in the hopes that you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have.

MP3: “Dream” – Smith Westerns

MP3: “Girl In Love” – Smith Westerns

MP3: “Be My Girl” – Smith Westerns

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2 Responses to Great New Band: Smith Westerns

  1. Mr. Charles Decker says:

    Turns out they got kicked out for stealing beer and smashing the bottles in their dressing rooms. Charming.

  2. riff randies says:

    that story about getting kicked out of music hall of williamburg is exaggeration and hype. they were getting a lot of flack from the people at the hall and weren’t getting paid and generally were dissed. cullen broke a beer bottle on their way out. big deal. everyone knows underage bands drink; everyone knows all 18/19yr olds drink, freaking out over the alcohol was just an excuse the venue made for throwing them out