Recommended Thursday Show: Islands and Toro y Moi at Bowery Ballroom


Greetings from Los Angeles!  Things are weird here.  There are palm trees.  And mountains.  And nice people.  I like it.  I just saw a taping of Conan, and The Bravery was the band.  They weren’t too impressive.  I would have much rather gotten to see Creed last night.  One of my favorite bands EVER.  Oh well.  Amy Poehler was a good trade-off.

It seems weird to blog about NYC shows I know I have no chance of going to, and it feels even weirder to click on the “Los Angeles” tab on Oh My Rockness.  Still, I don’t think I have any Los Angeles readers, so best to stick to NYC while I’m here, especially since there are so many great shows going on at home!  It would be waaay worth it to go to the Brooklyn Masonic Temple to see Fucked Up backed up by Viv Girls and Andrew W.K. along with Titus Andronicus.  However, my top chocie for the evening is Islands with Toro y Moi.  Islands are indie-rock mainstays at this point, and you know you’re going to get a great show when you go see them. Delighfully weird yet poppy rock, full of energy.  Toro y Moi is a spacey, beach-scapey up-and-comer who I’d mix in with the likes of Washed Out, etc.  Toro y Moi is definitely one of my favorites of all those new bands that Gorilla vs. Bear churns out and Hipster Runoff tentatively titled chill-core or chill-wave or bro-core or something like that.  Good show, guaranteed. 

MP3: “Talamak” – Toro y Moi

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