Photos: Times New Viking, The Axemen, and Home at Mercury Lounge

This show happened embarrassingly long ago, but here a just a few photos.  Times New Viking were, of course, great.  They churned out their noise pop tunes with incredible skill.  The guitar player fills so much of the space in the songs that watching him demystifies the recordings to a certain extent, but a great band to watch.  The Axemen are a New Zealand band from the 80s, and these dudes can still totally rock.  In sweat pants and beer bellies, these guys are still the real rocking deal.  And Home.  Well, they were maybe the worst live band I’ve ever seen.  They were “are you kidding me” bad.  Their hippy-dippy looking lead singer played paltry, overly-worn chord progressions on the keyboard and guitar while the poor drummer and bass player merely filled in his lame posturings.  I felt bad for them.  I’m having a difficult time providing a MySpace link since it’s such a common name, but I believe they’re some band from the 90s.  I can’t believe they’re still together, because they made a mockery of what rock and roll ought to be.  Absolute trash, and I can’t believe they got on a bill with Times New Viking.  Then again, you might be able to lob the same criticisms at these photos.  I apologize for the lateness and not awesomeness of them.


The Axemen:

Times New Viking:

MP3: “No Time No Hope” – Times New Viking

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