Cool New Videographer: Ray Concepcion


I’ve never written about something non-musical like this before, but I think it’s warranted.  In the past few months you may have noticed a now-familiar figure wielding a camera at what seems like every show you go to.  It’s Ray Concepcion, and he makes amazing live music videos.  His muted colors and fuzzy focus style add magical touches to some of my favorite bands, making these the perfect  representation of today’s New York music scene.  It’s the sort of thing where in fifteen years when someone goes back to write a book about the Brooklyn scene in the late 2000s, they’d rely heavily on Concepcion’s beautiful videos as first-person sources.  Plus, the man has killer, killer taste, only recording what I consider to be some of the very best bands in the biz.  Above is a YouTube video of Woods, but I highly recommend spending some time on his Vimeo site (those videos don’t embed in WordPress, blergh).  Add him to your RSS feed; he’s a great tastemaker and an excellent artist in his own right.

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2 Responses to Cool New Videographer: Ray Concepcion

  1. Katie says:

    Ray is a true artist. I couldn’t agree more with your post. Thanks for recognizing his talent.

  2. He is my pride and joy,Ray Concepcion Sr.