Recommended Wednesday Show: Screaming Females and So So Glos at The Bell House

I’ve been a little disappointed with Screaming Females recently.  They’ve been doing their fair share of touring with big names, and now they’re heading out to support the Arctic Monkeys.  Really Screaming Females?  The Arctic Monkeys?  That’s almost enough to take them off of my year end list.  Catch them while you can playing with non-lame bands.  Like the So So Glos.  On All-Turkey’s Eve.  There is nothing like a good old fashioned rock and roll show to take the edge off of all that family time coming up this weekend.  If you’re still left in Brooklyn, let Screaming Females and the So Sos keep you warm.

MP3: “Treacher Collins” – Screaming Females

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4 Responses to Recommended Wednesday Show: Screaming Females and So So Glos at The Bell House

  1. African Band says:

    I too will take Screaming Females off my year-end list due to their disgusting attempt to bring their music to a new audience, while perhaps making enough money to afford health insurance.

  2. New York Rock Market says:

    I know, I know. You’re totally right. That was obnoxious. But I’d like to think that if I were their booking agent, I would have found someone who satisfied those needs AND meshed a bit better with the image they could be building (hire me!?).

  3. Senium Fan says:

    Yeah this band isnt that great. Listen to Senium. Theyre from the same town and are way better and actually have some depth to them. And they were recorded by Steve Albini!

  4. Senium Fan says: