Recommended Saturday Show: Hex Fest at The Living Room

Happy Black Friday!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I took a quick break from blogging, but I’m back, and just a little disappointed by this Saturday’s line-up.  It’s nice that I won’t be missing out on anything as I’m at my parent’s house in New Jersey, but there’s really not all that much going on.  There is this mini-fest going on at Cake Shop, Pianos, and The Living Room called Hex Fest.  The line up has some pretty good little bands and then a whole bunch of bands I don’t know at all.  Chances are, if you go hang around these three venues, you’ll hear something cool.  My personal pick would be Wild Yaks at The Living Room.  I love this quirky rock outfit; they have so much personality that chances are, you will, too.

MP3: “River May Come” – Wild Yaks

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