Cool Newish Song: "You Don't Like Rock and Roll" by Hunx and His Punx

It’s nearly Christmas and it’s snowing like cats and dogs outside.  That means you probably don’t feel like goin’ to a show.  The fact that it’s the end of December also means there’s not too many good shows to go to, either.  I should probably post some sort of winter-themed song, but instead I’m going to post this gem from California’s Hunx and His Punx.    It’s a song about not being able to like someone who doesn’t like rock and roll, no matter how good-looking or good at cooking they may be.  My favorite line is, “I think your parents must have been cousins/You don’t like rock and roll.”  This basically pretty much sums up my entire dating philosophy, and all in a rousingly fun two minutes and thirty-seven seconds.  If you’re a U2 fan, you need not apply.

MP3: “U Don’t Like Rock N Roll” – Hunx and His Punx

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