MP3 Roundup: Air Waves, Oberhofer, Roommates, and tonstartssbandht

Happy 2010!  I’m so excited for this brand new year behind us.  We can put the Anco/GBear/DProjectors love triangle behind us and move on to new things.  I meant to post yesterday, to ring in the first business day of the New Year, but I was too busy seeing Julian Lynch at Bruar Falls (pictures will be posted at Impose in the next few days).  That’s one thing I’m going to try to do more of this year: see live shows.  I went to an average of about 1.6 shows per week in 2009 (not including the whirlwind weeks of CMJ and SXSW), a pretty pathetic number, if you ask me.  MP3 Roundups are another thing I’m also going to try to do more of.  I listen to so much music that never makes it into the blog, and it’s high time to remedy that.  In that case, let’s get to it.

The best thing to emerge so far in 2010 (or I guess the very end of 2009) is the Underwater Peoples Winter Review.  The entire compilation is excellent, free, and has been on constant repeat in my apartment.  If you haven’t already, download all of the songs here, while they’re still free.  My favorite off of the comp is a track by my favorites, Air Waves.  “Sweetness” is simple, and like most Air Waves songs, the excellent songwriting becomes more and more evident with each listen.  Short, solid, and like its title says, sweet.

Oberhofer was recently the band of the week over at Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, and I instantly liked them as soon as I clicked on the mp3.  They sound a bit like a combination of White Rabbits, The Walkmen, and something else a little bit more strange I can’t totally put my finger on.  “Dead Girls Dance” is all over the place.  From the moment the vocals come in with, “And you are alone for the last time,” the song never goes in the direction you think it will.  I can’t wait to check these Brooklynites out live.

Though I found both of them on Gorilla vs. Bear (and Impose, for the latter), Roommates and tonstartssbandht couldn’t be more different.  Roommates play shiny, bright rock and roll.  To my ear, they sound like the Vaselines crossed with Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  “Back to the Sun/Girlfriend Swap” is the kind of song you’ll probably listen to a lot right away, but might forget about in two or three months.  That’s okay, though; it’s still worth a lot of listen right now.  Tonstartssbandht’s “It’s Only Love/ Sov Gott Rose Marie” is dark and twisty.  It starts out with a chant of “It’s only love,” and after about a minute and a half of repetition, bursts out with all the swagger of the MC5 into “bop bop bops.”  The rest of the song is interesting rock drone, which is probably not for everyone, but shows a lot of promise for this band.

MP3: “Sweetness” – Air Waves

MP3: “Dead Girls Dance” – Oberhofer

MP3: “Back To The Sun / Girlfriend Swap” – Roommates

MP3: “its only love / sov gott rose marie” – tonstartssbandht

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