Recommended Wednesday Show: Reading Rainbow, Family Trees, Total Slacker, and X-Ray Eyeballs at Death By Audio

Wednesday at Death By Audio will be a total underground scuzzfest.  If you listen to all four of the band’s MySpaces, you’ll notice a few things in common.  Not particularly tight, poorly produced, and youthfully incorrect songs.  If you want a night of some of the coolest up-and-coming bands in Brooklyn (and Philadelphia) so you can impress your friends with your knowledge of what might be the next-big-thing, then Death By Audio should be your destination of choice. I’m guessing none of these bands will put on the performance of your lifetime (I’m not too familiar with any of them,truth be told), but it’s a very well-curated, tightly packed night of earnest, honest rock and roll.  Really, the best kind of indie rock show, if you ask me.

Reading Rainbow is from Philadelphia and have the best MySpace URL I have ever had the pleasure of typing:  They sound a lot like all of the other lo-fi punky bands to come out in 2009, not quite as masterful as a group like Times New Viking, but with a Philadelphia edge to their short, sweet tunes.  I think it’s the male/female vocals, but they remind me quite a lot of X, in a very good way.  Family Trees are definitely the most accessible band of the night.  They seem to be all about humble, touching songs with a pop twist.  Lots of melodic chimes and space in their music for enjoying all the unique sounds they make.  Total Slacker and Xray Eyeballs are two more scuzzy punk bands, and will also probably be very fun to watch (I’m also fairly certain Total Slacker is going to blow up in the next few months).

MP3: “Feral Kids” – Reading Rainbow

MP3: “Friend Friend” – Family Trees

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