Recommended Thursday Show (plus two great new MP3s): Free Energy and pow wow! at Pianos

This is how I imagine the conversation that started Free Energy went:  “Dude.”  “Dude.”  “Let’s start a band.”  “Dude, awesome idea.”  “Let’s just play the happiest music possible.”  “Dude.  Definitely.”  “Party on, dude.”  Okay, so nobody actually says dude that much, but these five bros from Philly really do play some of the happiest, uplifting rock and roll I’ve heard since 1983.  It’s so upbeat that it’s sort of a guilty pleasure.  In a lot of ways, they remind me of bands like Van Halen (and more recently, The Darkness), with good pop hooks and sweeping guitar riffs.  Their song, “Dream City” was on my 50 Favorite Songs list for 2009, and “Free Energy” (download below) is just as ebullient and fun.  How can you resist a chorus like, “This is all we got tonight/We are young and still alive.”

I saw them play during CMJ at Santos Party House.  I wasn’t blown away, but I can definitely see them taking over the smaller stage at Pianos.  If these guys play to a packed room, I think it will be a pretty unabashedly fun Thursday night.  NYRM favorite pow wow! play again with their new line-up, and some BRAND NEW SONGS.  They’re ve good, very pow-wow!-y.  Check one of those out below.

MP3: “Free Energy” – Free Energy

MP3: “Confessed Sinners” – pow wow!

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