Photos (for Impose): Reading Rainbow, Family Trees, Xray Eyeballs, Total Slacker and Easter Vomit at Death By Audio

The good people at Impose Magazine posted my photos from Wednesday night’s reading Reading Rainbow show at Death By Audio.  Head on over and check them out.

I was pretty disappointed in Philly’s Reading Rainbow.  From what I’d heard of them, I’d assumed they’d be this totally rocking twosome, kicking out jams and taking names.  Instead they played somewhat boring, vaguely Raveonettes-inspired tunes with slightly off-kilter harmonies.  I felt equally un-inspired by Family Trees.  Total Slacker were the clear winners of the night (If it were a competition.  Which it wasn’t).  Running between the walls, jumping over everything, blending in with the audience, their lead singer experimented with the confines of the space like a precocious little kid.  It’s this kind of performance that makes shows at spaces like Death By Audio the most satisfying types of live experiences.  I think the band needs to refine their scratchy, noisy sound a bit, but that will come with time.  They’ve certainly got the presence to garner quite a lot of attention.

Xray Eyeballs are a good ole-fashioned punk outfit, with leather jackets, short skirts, and that 1970s Lower East Side attitude.  I thoroughly enjoyed their set, though no new territory being covered there.  Easter Vomit (great band name) were the surprise of the evening.  Apparently the twosome is related to The Beets.  I think it’s too soon in the band’s life to tell exactly how they’ll turn out, but I heard a lot of promise in their ramshackle drums and guitar set.  They had a pretty great song about Jesus and Mohammed.  All in all, great Wednesday night at DBA.  And don’t forget to head on over to Impose.

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  1. […] feels like a good time to see them live if you haven’t for awhile, or never have.  Plus, Easter Vomit, The Surprisers, and Lame Drivers are also playing, all three officially a-ok’ed by this here […]

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