MP3 Roundup: Let's Wrestle, Laura Veirs, Shark?, and Yeasayer

The song that I REALLY want to post in this mp3 roundup is the first track off of Titus Andronicus’ upcoming record, “A More Perfect Union.”  A friend just sent it to me and it’s absolutely, full body shivers, wonderfully good.  Especially if you grew up in New Jersey.  However, I’m not going to post it because I don’t want Patrick Stickles to be angry at me again, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere.  Find it, and then buy The Monitor when it comes out.  Definitely, definitely worth it.  I honestly believe that it’s a classic, on par with albums like Rocket to Russia or Blank Generation. In the meantime, here’s four more worthwhile mp3s that have been floating around the Internet.

I saw Let’s Wrestle open Pains last year, and didn’t come away all that impressed.  Not unimpressed, but not particularly excited.  This song, though, has something to it.  Undeniably catchy, I think “We aren’t the most reliable guys in the world/But we got enough money to buy some g&t’s for the girls,” is a great lyric.  Fun song.

Laura Veirs just released a new album called July Flame to very little fanfare.  It’s a nice little folk album, and I really, really like this song about legendary bass player Carol Kaye.  I, too, would like to meet Carol Kaye, and Veirs does a good job with the easy melody in this song.

Brooklyn band, Shark?, keeps churning out mp3s.  It seems like everyday they’ve announced a new recording on their Twitter.  Which is exactly how I found this song.  It’s a nice intro to the band, vaguely 60s Brit-band-y.  If you like this track, definitely make sure to check out more from these up-and-comers.

I know, I know.  Everybody already knows that everybody is going to love the new Yeasayer album.  It’s unbelievably poppy, and I can’t stop listening to it.  It’s like home-made cinnamon buns for your ears.  I constantly have either “Ambling Alp,” “Rome,” or “One” stuck in my head.  I’m posting “One” because it’s the song that happens to be stuck in my head right now.  Plus, who can’t relate to that chorus?  “Hold me like before/Hold me like you used to/Control me like you used to.”  Somehow they manage to pull off all the electronics without making their record sound plastic (ahem, Vampire Weekend).  A very, very impressive sophomore effort.

MP3: “We Are the Men You’ll Grow to Love Soon” – Let’s Wrestle

MP3: “Carol Kaye” – Laura Veirs

MP3: “Hey Grrrl” – Shark?

MP3: “ONE” – Yeasayer

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  1. Mr. Charles Decker says:

    Why was Patrick angry at you before?

  2. New York Rock Market says:

    He was unhappy because he felt the way I wrote about Cassie from Babies/Vivian Girls was misogynistic. But we settled it over e-mail and we’re all cool now. My pracitcally-majored-in-gender-studies heart was breaking at the thought of him thinking badly of me, so I just can’t stand to do anything to irritate him again, especially now since I’m 100% positive he’s a musical genius.

  3. […] I recently posted Let’s Wrestle’s latest single, “We Are the Men You’ll Grow To Love Soon.”  It’s an irresistible cocky rock number, and the band has definitely grown on me immensely in the past few weeks.  Definitely on my list of groups to check out for a second time at SXSW.  The band’s goofy video for the song is above. […]