Recommended Wednesday Show: Atlas Sound and Memory Tapes at The Bell House

I get a little giddy every time I think about Bradford Cox.  He’s such a genius-character figure.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the guy’s got a very unique perspective going on that he can apparently always translate into music.  Like a mature, developed novelist, Cox really has a distinct voice, and I love how it’s expressed in Atlas Sound.  Of course the last album was pretty good (didn’t quite make my Favorite 50 of 2009, but close), but I really love the Rough Trade EP that he was selling on his last tour (check out an MP3 from that EP below).  I’m excited for this show because I accidentally bought tickets to his last show during CMJ and ended up being too tired to stick it out.  Memory Tapes I feel ok about.  Out of all the dream-wave-whatever bands they’re one of the more tolerable ones.  I’d definitely rather see Memory Tapes than Neon Indian again, who Atlas Sound is playing with at NYU’s Kimmel Center on Thursday.  Then again, the excellent garage twosome Sisters is also playing that show, so tough call on which night to catch Atlas Sound.  My vote is still at the Bell House.

MP3: “Plain Material” – Memory Tapes

MP3: “Ruben (Traditional)” – Atlas Sound

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