Recommended Thursday Show: Big Troubles and Twin Sister at The Studio at Webster Hall

It’s very late and I’ve posted about both of these bands recently, so let’s consider this a post about Chocolate Bobka (link to the right).  This show tomorrow is curated by Chocolate Bobka, and I personally think he has the most exciting up-and-coming music blog right now.  The guy’s taste is impeccable (though sometimes runs a tad too much on the dreamy/hazy noise side for me), and he’s doing so much cool stuff.  The coolest of which is this magazine/mixtape/video compilation he’s putting out.  Basically, he raised a bunch of money in order to create the coolest ‘zine this side of 1999, and is now going to make each of them individually, but will only make as many as are pre-ordered.  So head on over to this blog and sign up for your copy today!  Also, come to this show tomorrow and say hi in person.  I just talked about how cool I think Twin Sister is and all the reviews are coming in positive- tomorrow will be the first time I’m seeing them myself.  Big Troubles is another scuzzy garage Brooklyn band, but I thought they had some really promising songs at Bruar Falls a few weeks ago (but needed a little work on the stage presence).  Should be a good show.

MP3: “Wouldn’t Mind” – Big Troubles

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