Recommended Saturday Show: Blank Dogs, So Cow, Frankie & The Outs, Sisters, and Wild Nothing at Monster Island Basement

This show is ridiculous.  It’s like a little mini music festival just waiting there for you to have a fantastic night out.  Monster Island basement is a pretty small venue for this show, so it should be really high-energy, packed, and tons of fun.  You can pretty much vaguely describe every single one of these bands as some sort of lo-fi garage rock project, but really, this night isn’t about what each band sounds like.  It’s about an amazing and diverse sample of upcoming new talent, and will make a great destination for Saturday night.  Blank Dogs are a noisy/rocky one-man project turned band.  So Cow is from the UK and plays absolutely adorable, heartbreaking muddled pop songs.  Frankie Rose (who’s in about a million bands, it seems) definitely plays lo-fi garage rock, and so does the duo Sisters for that matter (these guys totally rock).  I know the least about Wild Nothing, but their single, “Summer Holiday,” sounds like an edgier Pains.  I like it.  Listen to that below.  If you’re not getting dragged around on some Valentine’s thing GO TO THIS SHOW.  Even if you are, convince your date that you know what’s up and DRAG THEM WITH YOU!  Don’t miss it, seriously.

MP3: “Summer Holiday” – Wild Nothing

MP3: “Tin Birds” – Blank Dogs

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