Recommended Sunday Show: So Cow and Babies at Cake Shop

It’s no secret.  I’m a little bit obsessed with Babies (not babies).  My friend put it best, I think.  When she heard about the show she immediately decided to go. Since they really don’t have any kind of recording out it’s the only way to “get your Babies fix.”  Their city-cool, breezy post-punk tunes are irresistible and they’re playing first, so make sure to get there early.  I wrote briefly about So Cow for Saturday’s recommend show, but he’s headlining this one and I wouldn’t miss out.  He really is just adorable and writes adorable songs about love and heartbreak and sometimes sings in Korean.  He’s from the UK and doesn’t get to make it over here so often, so if you didn’t see him on Saturday make sure to see him tonight.  Tunes below.

MP3: “Greetings” – So Cow

MP3: “To Do List” – So Cow

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  1. Josh says:

    Hey! I’ve a few tracks from his new album up on the blog,

    Enjoy the show, he’s always a excellent live!

  2. Jamie says:

    He’s from Ireland, not the U.K !