Photos (for Impose): The So So Glos, The Sundelles, Beachniks, and Tough Knuckles at Death By Audio

I took some photos at the Death By Audio show this past Monday.  You should go over and check them out.  It was Pop Jew’s Purim party (what a sweet holiday), and the traditional costume-wearing brought out a lot of funny outfits.  Tough Knuckles were up first, and though they had no costumes to speak of, I was mildly intrigued by their sound.  Their singer had a fun way about him, and their tunes are incredibly sparse in a cool way.  However, they were painfully out of tune at times and seemed mildly out of practice.  Perhaps on purpose- but was it good or bad?  Probably bad, but it’s still a little bit delightful.  You can see for yourself with the MP3 below.  Same with Beachniks, actually.  Dressed to the nines as raccoons, horses, and monkeys, this band with huge potential fell short.  They’re so likable and fun that I hate writing this, but they were just too sloppy.  I get that they’re going for the whole “delightfully unorganized and unrehearsed” thing, and maybe Tough Knuckles are, too, but they have some good songs that they should do a little bit more justice when they play them.  The Sundelles, whom I’ve now seen several times, were about the same as always.  I really enjoyed them as I always do, but unfortunately there isn’t all that much to set them apart from the scads of other Brooklyn vaguely garage-y drums/bass/guitar bands doing exactly the same thing.

But oh, the So So Glos.  I have to say that they are one of my favorite live acts.  Period.  There weren’t very many people at the show by the time they took to the stage, but they played just as hard and with just as much positive bravado as they did to a packed house at Market Hotel.  This was the first time I’d ever seen them not wearing their “So So Glos” leather jackets, though.  It was hilarious to see what I once thought of as this tough, hoodrat band transformed in one fell swoop of a costume change into just a couple more Brooklyn geeks wearing Converse.  It made them all the more endearing.

MP3: “Livin in Fear” – Tough Knuckles

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