Cool New Band (and Recommended Thursday Show): Art Sorority for Girls (and Gray Goods at Bruar Falls)

Imagine listening to a ton of late 90s Top 40 rock, I’m talking 3 Doors Down and Barenaked Ladies, but also Bright Eyes and other proto-emo-ites.  Then listen to a whole bunch of Brooklyn lo-fi bands, not to mention actually be in a few.  Combine all of those things and you get Art Sorority for Girls.  The song, “Spaceship” is pretty much pure sugary pop cheese, but there’s good enough songwriting and just enough sincerity to make it more than that.  It’s like all the angst of listening to Lifted for the first time, but channeled into your mid-twenties instead of those late high school years (“Like Like Like” obsessively chronicles the uncertainty these years seem to encapsulate).  Daoud Tyler-Ameen is the drummer in Air Waves, but Art Sorority for Girls is his own solo project that he’s been doing for several years now.  I’m definitely planning on checking him out at Bruar Falls tomorrow before I pass more judgement, but the songs on his bandcamp are charming the pants off of me this week.

Gray Goods, one of my favorite new up-and-coming bands is also playing.  I’ve posted about them recently, but haven’t managed to see them live yet.  I will report on Friday. Soft Black is also playing (whose name is unfortunately similar to Small Black), but I’ve never heard anything from them that’s thrilled me.  Maybe tomorrow will change my mind.

MP3: “Spaceship” – Art Sorority for Girls

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