Photos (for Impose): Akron/Family, Warpaint, Please the Trees at Music Hall of Williamsburg

If my photos from Bruar Falls last night were horrible, then I at least think these are ok.  You should go check them out over at Impose.  Akron/Family are a joy.  They’re one of those bands that really makes their performance a performance.  One minute they’re not performing, and then suddenly they are.  Performance is a state of being for these guys, a point of sharing and connecting with other humans that’s different from everyday life.  They’re not merely playing songs, they’re sharing an experience.  That’s why all the banners, matching shirts, flowers, and sparkly things don’t seem gimmicky.  The basic principal at the bottom of this band, even at the bottom of their music, is sincerity- they really mean it.  And just like that awful Swarthmore show I saw way back when proves, because of that sincerity they really fail when they fail, but like Wednesday night at MHOW, when they succeed they really succeed.  The band played as a threesome, with just drums, bass, keyboards, and guitar.  Even without most of their sound-effects and other instruments they still sound freak-folky, but it was great to hear the songs with a more rocking feel.  One of my favorite tracks from the night below.

Warpaint is a massive band.  I hated them when I saw them at Cake Shop at CMJ, and I understand why now.  That space was too small to contain these guys.  They play a strange mix of gloomy rock, jazz (especially in the drumming), and dub-step.  Seriously.  There’s so many elements to what’s going on in their music that it sometimes becomes overwhelming.  They’re a rare rock band that really plays together when they play, which made them ceaselessly entertaining to watch.  My only complaint is that the two vocalists are a bit too similar.  They both have high, airy voices that don’t always match the force of the music the bass and drums produce.  I’d love to hear someone with a more soulful voice on their tunes.  Still, they impressively left the audience of 18-year-old-ecstatic Akron/Family fans blown away.  No small feat.

MP3: “River” – Akron/Family

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2 Responses to Photos (for Impose): Akron/Family, Warpaint, Please the Trees at Music Hall of Williamsburg

  1. Laura says:

    Lovely review, thanks!

    Saw them live in LA last June, can’t wait to see them again in Europe soon, sounds like they went through some changes! Last year I saw an in-store performance as well as an outdoor acoustic show near midnight – both amazing experiences – but I can’t wait to see them play a “real” live show in a decent venue :)

  2. Laura says:

    Btw talking about Warpaint 😉