Photos: Gray Goods, Art Sorority for Girls, and Soft Black at Bruar Falls

Last night was an evening of promising bands and terrible photos.  I almost wasn’t going to bother posting these, but at least few of them are OK.  Bruar Falls now has a red light shining on the stage, which is a lighting situation I am totally not equipped to deal with.  Heck, they completely turned the lights off for Gray Goods, and I always find it incredibly awkward to take photos at under-attended shows.

Not to say that the bands weren’t good, just my photography skills.  I arrived as Soft Black played, a band name I still absolutely can’t get straight with Small Black, no matter how many times I remind myself that one is a singer/songwriter and one is an electro act.  I was certainly not blown away by Soft Black, but they had a sincerity and down-home goodness that I wasn’t expecting.  An acoustic guitar and a drum kit is a strange combination, but it worked out well and gave the duo much more interest than if it had just been a singer/songwriter.  Still, most of the songs are a little too derivative and standard for my tastes.

Art Sorority for Girls should be on the top of your list.  This was only the second show they’ve ever played together, and they still lack a bassist.  Everything was just a little sloppy and there wasn’t quite enough stage presence to match their frothy indie pop songs, but you can tell that everything is there for a really good band in the making.  In some ways they remind me of Surfer Blood – certainly not lo-fi with big, fun guitar riffs sprinkled throughout their songs.  In this sense, they’re incredibly refreshing.  Sure, they’re playing pop music, but with lo-fi garage band after lo-fi garage band, Art Sorority for Girls sticks out.  Their lead guitar player is compact and efficient, with quick, blaring guitar solos and occasional walls of sound I think the band could stand to use more of.  This isn’t a very good critical thing to say, but I sincerely just really, really liked her and her style of play.  She tempers the occasionally too sugary-sweet lyrics well.  Daoud is a geeky/charming frontman in Chuck Taylors and glasses, with a lovely voice and a just-self-conscious-enough stage presence that will only get better with time.  Point is, I dig this band.  I’m not saying it’s groundbreaking stuff, but I think the band really has something going for them.  They’re playing Cake Shop soon, and I will be sure to remind you.

By the time Gray Goods went on close to midnight, there weren’t too many people left at Bruar Falls.  I don’t honestly feel that I can write a review of them.  I really like their recorded songs and didn’t think that they matched up live, but it’s also really, really, really hard to perform well to a bar a quarter full at midnight on a Thursday. I will see them again and reassess.  Art Sorority for Girls MP3 below.

Soft Black:

Art Sorority for Girls:

Gray Goods:

MP3: “Like Like Like” – Art Sorority for Girls

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