Recommended Thursday Show: Diehard at Cake Shop

I happened to be at Diehard’s very first show ever last year at Union Hall.  If I recall, I said that they had potential, but needed to have more confidence.  It seems like the band may have found it.  I’ve really been enjoying their song “Cool Kids” lately, which I strangely discovered in my iTunes while looking for Cloud Nothings’ “Hey Cool Kids.”  They don’t have any sort of hipster ambitions, fashionably or musically, and there’s something refreshingly 90s alt-rock about their tunes.  A very simple band, but one that’s a lot of fun to listen to.  Check them out at Cake Shop on Thursday.

MP3: “Cool Kids” – Die Hard

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One Response to Recommended Thursday Show: Diehard at Cake Shop

  1. Liz says:

    Thanks for the write up! It’s true, we are getting too old to care about hipster fashion. But I do have tattoos. That’s cool, right?