SXSW 2010: Tuesday

Whew.  Arrived in Austin around 8, met my wonderful hosts, and took a bus to downtown.  My first use of Austin public transportation.  After eating some seriously-needed tacos, I headed over to Cheer Up Charlie’s, which was called Ms. Bea’s last year.  It’s Todd P’s SXSW venue, and he was definitely a presence there this evening, despite the fact that he said MtyMx was a result of his frustrations with SX.  I sort of understand why he wanted to distance himself, at least in theory.  The area is built up a lot more this year, and the once-charming bar/cantina has been taken over by the “East Side Artist’s Lounge.”  I thought I’d check it out and hear a few Texas bands that were totally new to me, but I only made it through two before it was time to go home and get some rest.  Both of them were effects-laden and not particularly intriguing, but there’s a few photos of them below.  Also, not totally sure if Psychic Violence is the right band, I never heard them say their name, but according to the schedule, that’s correct.  Much, much more tomorrow.  For now, sleep after a long traveling day.

Psychic Violence:

Cry Blood Apache:

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