SXSW 2010: Thursday

Yesterday was a complete SXSW day.  Downtown at noon and not home again until 3AM.  Since it was such a late night I didn’t get a chance to blog before I started falling asleep sitting up at my computer, so this post will be a bit abbreviated for the time being (gotta get back downtown for more music).  I’ll fill it in later.

The day started off at a lovely little bar called Lovejoy’s.  Enjoying a really delicious free microbrew, this Pop Montreal showcase got my day off to the perfect start.  I came for Turbo Fruits, and they were every bit as good as I’d hoped they would be.  Scuzzy garage blues, they seemed like the perfect Southern rock and roll gentlemen.  I stayed to watch Plants & Animals, then headed over to Beauty Bar for the Bay Area Takeover.  I stumbled upon Man/Miracle, then headed inside to watch Ty Segall, whose set wasn’t as rocking as I’d hoped.  Then I stayed for Sandwitches, who have been getting all sorts of hype, and found them to be incredibly boring.

Then, I walked Northeast and made it to Mico-Pixel-Rites, a wonderful BBQ show held by three women bloggers.  I sat in the grass and sun, and watched a steady stream of top-notch bands.  Twin Sister was on first, and sounded beautiful and eerie, far better than when I saw them at Webster Hall.  They’re really quite good, and the vibe at the party brought it out very well.  Family Portrait did a great job of combining their psych-synth with good ‘ole indie rock.  Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, who this time were just the members of Real Estate on different instruments, kept the mood sunny with vintage sounding guitar jams.  Coasting seemed a bit abrasive at first, guitar, drums, and annoyingly off-key vocals, but grew on me as their set progressed.  They’ve got a great attitude around them, and some pretty fun lyrics.  Pill Wonder was the highlight/surprise of my day.  After hearing their songs on all the various compilations floating around, I was expecting really cerebral noise for some reason, but oh man those boys can jam!  Pill Wonder probably does one of the best jobs of any band I’ve ever seen combining electronics and real instruments.  Pop crescendoes into triumphant melodies, backed by appropriate psychedelic noodling- I can’t wait to start listening to this band more.

Back downtown to the Pop Tarts Suck Toasted party, where I caught the end of Million Young’s set.  Unimpressive electro-dance.  Then, Dinosaur Feathers took to the stage, and despite some serious sound problems, their stunning, warm vocals shone through as always.  I ended the night by running up to Ms. Bea’s for what turned out to be an hours-long dance party.  I caught the tail end of Morning Benders, into Magic Kids who were just about as pleasant but a little dull as the last time I saw them at Market Hotel.  Tanlines started a great dance party, which Lemonade promptly deflated.  Not impressed by them at all.  The night ended (at least for me) with a dancey set by Delorean, an excellent Spanish band who exceeded my expectations.  There you have it.  Nineteen bands in twenty-four hours (didn’t even get to writing about two of them).  Pictures and MP3s below.

Turbo Fruits:

Plants & Animals:


Ty Segall:


Twin Sister:

Family Portrait:

Alex Bleeker and the Freaks:


Pill Wonder:

Million Young:

Dinosaur Feathers:

Morning Benders:

Magic Kids (with Alan Palomo of Neon Indian watching):




MP3: “Wishing Whale” – Pill Wonder

MP3: “Killer Statements” – Family Portrait

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