Recommended Tuesday Show: Black Lips and Box Elders at Brooklyn Bowl

Ah, back to regularly scheduled programming.  You’d think after a week of doing nothing but watching music (and drinking beer and eating tacos) I’d be a little tired of it.  No- all I want to do is go see more bands (and drink more beer, though frankly I’m a little burned out on Tex Mex for awhile).  This show is definitely on the pricey side of the spectrum at $17, but the Black Lips never fail to put on a show.  The Atlantan scuzz rockers are known for their ridiculous antics and petulant behavior.  I’ve heard they’ve toned it down in recent years, but the music itself is enough to make it worth it, and that is, after all, how it should be.  Box Elders are also great garage rock, that carries itself along with the help of a great organ sound.  Really enjoyed their show last year at Monster Island basement and would recommend them to anyone.

MP3: “Hole In My Head” – Box Elders

MP3: “Drugs” – Black Lips

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