Recommended Friday Show: Rooftop Vigilantes and Reading Rainbow at Cake Shop

Just got an e-mail from the band, who informed me that they couldn’t make it to New York in the end.  Major bummer!  Still, enjoy the tracks below, and if you’re looking for something else to do, I’d recommend Knight School at Buar Falls.

The last and only time I’ve seen Rooftop Vigilantes was at Cake Shop.  They’re another fairly standard garage rock group, but as I wrote in my last probably overly-enthusiastic review of them over a year ago, they have “it” coming out of their eyeballs.  In a recent MP3 roundup, I posted their new track, “Seth No Jump,” which I’ve reposted below along with an older song.  I still can’t say what sets this band apart in particular for me, but they only come to New York so often, as they’re from Kansas City.  How many bands do you know from Kansas City?  Go to this show.  This is a great band you won’t have a lot of opportunities to see, and I promise it will be a fun time.  Reading Rainbow is also playing.  I’ve enjoyed their songs in the past, but thought their last show I caught at Death By Audio was dreadfully boring.  I’d be willing to give them another chance, though.  A good Friday night for Cake Shop.

MP3: “Zach Want Glove” – Rooftop Vigilantes

MP3: “Seth No Jump” – Rooftop Vigilantes

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One Response to Recommended Friday Show: Rooftop Vigilantes and Reading Rainbow at Cake Shop

  1. Zippy says:

    Great coverage of SXSW. Good to step into the smaller venues and the moods. You certainly can make me feel as though I am there.

    You have come a long way from earlier writings. Keep imporving, hard work but I think it will be very rewarding in the end.

    Good success.