Recommended Sunday Show: Love Is All, Beach Fossils, and The Beets at The Knitting Factory

Love Is All, from Sweden, just released a brand new happenin’ album.  It’s called Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, and it’s all over the place in the very best way.  Punk bass lines morph into sparse, chanting, joyous melodies and vocal riffs.  It’s really cool stuff, and I hear they put on a very energetic show, so I’d definitely try to check these guys while they’re in America.  Beach Fossils and The Beets are also favorites here, so this show is definitely solid all the way through.  Worth making the trek out on a Sunday night.  Also, really loving the Beach Fossils track below, so make sure to listen if you haven’t heard it yet.

MP3: “Vacation” – Beach Fossils

MP3: “Dust” – Love Is All

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