Recommended Tuesday Show: Best Coast, Bitters, and Babies at The Knitting Factory

I took a little blogcation the past two weeks, as typically happens after events like SXSW, coupled with things like Easter and mothers’ birthdays and good friends leaving New York.   But we’re back!  Tomorrow’s recommended show seems like it was booked with alliteration in mind.  I haven’t blogged about Best Coast much recently on account of her completely blowing up, but Bethany Cosentino’s newfoud fame (and entertaining twitter) doesn’t make her music any less perfect for hazy, lazy summer days.  And with the weather finally warming up, this show is the best place to be this Tuesday.  I was unimpressed by Bitters at SXSW, but I’m willing to give them another chance.  And Babies, as always, are a favorite of this blog.  I think they probably think I’m stalking them, but they always happen to play with other bands I really want to see.  A song from Best Coast below, new to this blog, but not necessarily “new.”  Definitely another good one.

MP3: “Up All Night” – Best Coast

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