Photos (for Impose): Best Coast, Babies, and Bitters at The Knitting Factory

If you would like to see some photos from the most alliterative show in recent memory, you should head on over to Impose and check out a few that I took.  It was a really good show, but it was so unbearably hot that my brain was a little fried by the time Best Coast took to the stage.  Still, I think my favorite thing about her, and what’s very indicative of her music, is that she seemed like someone you would really, really want to hang out with.  A good friend who’d always be waiting with a funny joke.  I think the best bands are always the ones that you want to chill with in real life.  Her tunes were pretty much as you’d expect them to be – breezy and summery (maybe the Knitting Factory left the AC off to add to the atmosphere).  Bethany has a strong, unique voice that she knows how to take advantage of, and a really sweet second guitarist.  Dude really adds to the cool factor.  They didn’t blow me away, but Best Coast certainly matched my already high expectations.

I liked Bitters more than I did during SXSW.  They’re really hard and have some very cool guitar parts, but I don’t think they commit enough to their hard rocking side.  I really enjoyed their song “Warrior,” which you can download below, though it’s one of their least heavy songs.  I think my main problem with the band is that their lead singer just a tiny bit rubs me the wrong way.  Not a very good critical thing to say, but one of those personal voice things.

Babies, as usual, sounded perfectly New York cool.  I think they’re becoming one of my favorite bands of right now.  They come closer to what I imagine the 70s New York underground ethos to be than almost any other band I’ve encountered.  One thing I realized while watching them is how having male/female vocals go back and forth creates this really neat, unspoken narrative in the band.  There’s a lot at play there in a very subtle way, which makes their songs vocally and personally even more entertaining live.  There’s a video of them that I took below, which isn’t too exciting visually but has decent sound.  Don’t forget to click here if you’d like to see some photos from the show.


MP3: “Warrior” – The Bitters

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