Recommended Friday Show: Beach Fossils, Total Slacker, Air Waves, Eternal Summers, Beachniks

This is a ridiculous show.  The entire line-up is full of my favorite up-and-coming bands.  What makes it even crazier is the Real Estate/Family Portrait/Liam the Younger/Big Troubles show happening simultaneously just down the street.  So why does this one get my pick?  Beachniks are unpracticed but cute.  Total Slacker’s Tucker is a rocking guitar player, busting out jazzy solos like he’s single-handedly going to save art rock.  Air Waves are one of my perennial favorites and one of the most genuine songwriters out there.  Beach Fossils keep getting better and better every time I see them, and it seems more and more like they’re going to break out into the national scene.  But most important, Eternal Summers.  They’re from Virginia, so you won’t get a chance to see them as often as all of these other Brooklyn bands (though they are playing on Saturday and Sunday, as well).  I’ve never seen them before and don’t know all that much about them, but I do know that the two tracks below are some of my absolute favorites I’ve heard this year.  Smart, economical songwriting- half catchy half fuzz.  I’m really excited about this band and definitely recommend making it out to at least one of their shows this weekend.

MP3: “Able To” – Eternal Summers

MP3: “Fall Straight Back” – Eternal Summers

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