Recommended Saturday Show (and Happy Record Store Day!): Natural Child, Sisters, Boogie Boarder, and Regal Degal at Death By Audio

First and foremost, happy Record Store Day!  Most independent record stores are having all sorts of festivities today, including in-store performances and special edition releases for sale.  There’s a ton of cool stuff you’ll be able to get, though I hear the lines are already out the door at a lot of Brooklyn stores.  Still, try to make it out to a record store today if you can.

As for tonight’s recommended show, I’m going with Natural Child and Sisters at Death By Audio.  I’d seen Sisters a couple times before, but they sounded so, so good at Brooklyn Bowl this past week that I’m recommending them again.  They are masters of pedals and precise sounds- for some reason this band really clicked with me this week.  Nashville’s Natural Child are also playing with them.  They deal in boozy scuzz, with songs that are mostly about sex and drugs and rock n’ roll.  They have a ton of really sweet guitar licks thrown in that distinguish their sound a bit.  The band is label mates with JEFF the Brotherhood, so if you’re into JEFF, you will probably be really into this show.  Boogie Boarder is also playing, and NYRM has been a long-time fan of their psych/art rock.  Finally, Regal Degal will be the opening act, who are apparently led by the drummer in Dinowalrus.  They don’t even have a MySpace page, but you can read a little bit about them on BrooklynVegan.

I would also be remiss not to mention another really cool show happening tonight.  Chocolate Bobka is throwing a show at Los Hermanos Tortilleria with Twin Sister, Pure Ecstasy, and Weed Hounds.  Like Natural Child, Pure Ecstasy are in from out of town.  The Austin, Texas band is all about hazy, reverb-laden vocals, but fear not all those reverb-haters out there, it’s just a clever way of disguising really beautiful pop riffs and plain old good songwriting.  Also, there will be free tacos at this show, so I think it’s another excellent choice for Saturday night, especially if you’re looking less for sweet garage bands and more for Brooklyn adventure.

MP3: Dogbite – Natural Child

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