NYRM Literary Society: Cash and Capote

How could you pair In Cold Blood with anything but “Folsom Prison Blues?”  Capote’s prose is astonishing, much in the same way Cash’s voice is singularly recognizable.  Both quickly get to the point, mercilessly straightforward, but somehow lush with description and depth.  Both have deep voices that  cut to the quick of what it means to be human.  Though “Folsom Prison Blues” may be too obvious of a choice, it makes sense in that way.  In Cold Blood is one of the single most popular and critically regarded books I can think of, much like Cash.  I was, in fact, shocked the other day to hear a friend admit they didn’t much care for the singer.  I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t like In Cold Blood. I can’t believe I’d never read it before, and as my friends and family saw me going through it, nearly everyone commented on how much they loved the book.  If “Folsom Prison Blues” is an obivous choice, I can only say that it’s an obvious book- one I fell absolutely head over heels for.

Besides, can’t you just see Perry strumming on his guitar in Mexico, ironically humming the tune?  The lyrics just as easily could be “I slit a Clutter’s throat in Kansas, just to watch him bleed to death.”  I guess that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though, huh?

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