Photos (for Impose): Sisters and Darlings at Brooklyn Bowl

You can check out my photos from the Sisters/Darlings show at Brooklyn Bowl last week over at the wonderful Impose.  It was a good show.  As I expected, neither of the bands drew out a large enough crowd to even remotely make Brooklyn Bowl feel un-empty, but the show still had a way better vibe than the semi-packed Wavves performance a few weeks back.  Darlings played a whole bunch of new songs, most of which sounded good- more of the same Strokesian rock that made me love Yeah I Know.  Their songs are so listenable that I think if they could just liven up their show and someone got them in front of a Bowery Ballroom audience full of high school kids, they could get really, really huge.  They’ve got some work to do on their stage presence, but the songs are certainly there.  I was mainly impressed by Sisters, though.  Just drums, guitar, and a whole bunch of effects pedals, this duo seriously rocks and crafts interesting songs that leave you feeling satisfied.  Easy to listen to, but full of substance.  It was the sort of experience where I was listening, wondering to myself, “Why am I not listening to this all the time??”  My only other question is when and where can I buy a full LP?

MP3: “Sisters” – Accolades

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