Photos: Beach Fossils, Total Slacker, Air Waves, Eternal Summers, and Beachniks at Bruar Falls

In the epic Friday night court battle of Real Estate vs. Bruar Falls, Bruar Falls won the jury’s hearts on account of it probably being less packed.  It was still very crowded, but I’m glad that my friends and I didn’t miss the dance party that broke out when Beach Fossils played their set around midnight.  Seriously, that band gets better every single time I see them.  It was my first time watching Eternal Summers, and I completely fell for their simple drums and guitar rock.  No pedals or effects, they just rely on good songs and musicianship.   The rest of the bands were about the same as every other time I’ve written about them on here: Total Slacker and Air Waves both sounded so good, and Beachniks are fun but unrehearsed.

My photos are really crappy; I was focusing more on hanging with friends than being a good blogger.  I’ve just been imagining that they’re from a disposable camera from the 80s.  That makes them a little cooler, right?  Right?  Well, to make up for it, we’re lucky enough to have TWO beautiful drawings from the wonderful and talented Ms. Meredith Leich.  She writes the blog Auratic Outmoded, and you should check it out for more beautiful thoughts and images from this talented young artist.


Eternal Summers:

Air Waves:

Total Slacker:

Beach Fossils:

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