MP3 Roundup: Future Islands, Hombres Nombres, Girlfriends, Yellow Ostrich, and Weekends


It’s been far too long since I’ve done one of these posts, but I always get really nervous about them and put it off.  I’m afraid that the bands will either be too obvious or be too small and not be good enough, and no one will like the MP3s and everyone will stop reading my blog.  I also put such a large emphasis on seeing music live that I feel weird posting about bands I’ve never seen.  Then it turns out to be even longer between each post, which makes me more nervous because when I do a new one, it will seem like the bands are a bigger deal than maybe I want them to be.  Anyways, here’s another MP3 roundup.  Simply, these are a few MP3s/bands I’ve been digging lately, officially endorsed by me.

First and foremost, check out the amazing Future Islands video above for their song “Tin Man.”  The video is fantastic, and the song in and of itself is stunning.  Wavering steel-drum background with that voice!  Oh that voice!  When their LP comes out, I predict there will be a full-blown fervor over this band.  Thanks to Melissa P., for booking them all those years ago at Olde Club.  It’s so nice to see how a good band has grown into what might turn out to be a great one.

Hombres Nombres are from Brooklyn and will play their first-ever show at Cake Shop next week.  They sent me an e-mail, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear an album that sounds a little like The Beets crossed with Wavves.  Their song, “Dead City,” is an amalgam of so many current melodies.  I hear snippets of other lo-fi garage songs en vogue right now in their tunes, but I can’t place any of them.  It’s a nice summary point for what the scene’s been like lately, plus the song really has a killer hook.  Just guitar, drums, and weirdly distorted “woo-ooo’s.”  They describe their debut EP, UGLY FETUS as “about a man who loses his job, leaves his wife and son, and travels to the fictional mountain town of Dead City, Mexico, where he takes peyote and meets the devil.”  I dig ’em.

I don’t normally post covers, but thought I’d make an exception for this one.  The band is Girlfriends from Boston, the Song is “The Day I Was A Horse,” a Vaselines cover.  I found this one on the excellent blog The Decibel Tolls, and figured any band savvy enough to cover such a cool song was definitely worth a listen.  It’s not going to blow your mind; it’s just jangly guy-girl rock.  But it’s got that 90s alt-rock feel I love with enough modern lo-fi (ha) twists that I can’t stop listening to these guys.  Another good garage outfit to add to your list of go-to cool music.

The next song up is “Whale” by Yellow Ostrich.  Build.  This one is created around dramatic build.  Drums, “oh oh” vocal layer, basic strings, eerily succinct melody.  The song is about taking a ride on a whale, and they use the word as a meeting point in their song, propelling the melody into its next phrase.  It’s an extremely satisfying and well-crafted song, and doesn’t sound like a whole lot else going on right now.  Definitely give this one a listen all the way through.  Thanks to the I Guess I’m Floating guys for posting.

I heard about Baltimore artist Weekends from Weekly Tape Deck.  The song “Raingirls,” starts with a squiggling guitar line and moves into striving, goal-reaching vocal lines.  This song makes me feel like I’m trying really, really hard to reach a goal, and I’m closer than I ever thought would be possible.  Yes.  That’s exactly what it sounds like to me and I don’t want to qualify it any other way.  Listen.  I think you’ll like it.

MP3: “Dead City” – Hombres Nombres

MP3: “The Day I Was A Horse” – Girlfriends

MP3: “Whale” – Yellow Ostrich

MP3: “Raingirls” – Weekends

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  1. Not too sure how I found this blog but glad I did find it. Think I was looking for something else on bing . Dont think I agree 100% with what you say, will come back to see if you update. Keep up the good work